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One of the most common liabilities for any community whether private or public are sidewalks that get neglected. Having a proper maintenance or repair inspection plan in place will greatly reduce accidents and unwanted lawsuits. Sidewalk repair companies can help you remove sidewalk trip hazards in an affordable and efficient manner. Instead of removing and replacing entire concrete sidewalk panels, advancements in concrete cutting techniques permit us to remove the trip hazards in a clean, non-destructive and non-disruptive manner. This can be particularly useful for municipalities and property management companies looking for concrete sidewalk repair. If your community or business needs contractors that do sidewalk repair in San Francisco, call Precision Concrete Cutting today. 866-792-8006

Who ADA Trip Hazards Affect The Most?

Trip hazards are a critical issue, particularly for the elderly and people living with disabilities. A trip hazard, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is any vertical change on a surface over 1/4″. The ADA was created in 1991 to combat the already existing difficulties for people living with disabilities and ease of getting around.

The ADA compliance regulations are applicable to federal municipal facilities, county, and state. Trip hazards generally form at the cracks or joints found on uneven walkways and sidewalks. Once a trip hazard begins to develop, traveling on cracked or uneven concrete sidewalks becomes even more difficult.

Having a sidewalk repair contractor provide routine sidewalk maintenance will assist with keeping the walkways and sidewalks clean and smooth. Although, routine sidewalk maintenance doesn’t fix trip hazards that already exist it helps to identify liabilities before they occur. Similarly, removing trip hazards completely will actually reduce future sidewalk repair costs and maintenance.

The ADA clearly states that trip hazards must be completely removed from any sidewalk available for public use. Any residential or commercial property that does not follow these guidelines stipulated by the ADA regulations will find itself vulnerable to lawsuits. Fortunately, sidewalk trip hazards can easily be removed and prevented from causing future problems.

Removing Trip Hazards

There are different methods available to fix and remove trip hazards which include using everything from concrete grinders, planers, and scarifiers to a completely new sidewalk replacement. A new sidewalk is only necessary in the most extreme cases. Replacing concrete sidewalks is a costly process that is disruptive and time-consuming.

The other methods for removing trip hazards also present a specific set of problems. First, sidewalk grinding doesn’t reach all the corners of the panel. In addition to that, a scarifier and grinder are bulky and limited. Grinding sidewalks also leave visual markings on the surface that can tarnish the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Fortunately, cutting concrete with our patented horizontal cutting technology allows sidewalk repair contractors to remove the trip hazards completely. The end result is a clean cut that perfectly levels the surface and can be performed at virtually any angle. It is also both more attractive and more affordable than alternative methods.

If you have a trip hazard and are looking for San Francisco Sidewalk Repair contractors in California, be sure to contact Precision Concrete Cutting – The Trip Hazard Specialist. With locations all throughout California, our technicians service the Coastal and Valley regions. Get started today, save the sidewalk, and get rid of the liability.

Sidewalk Repair San Francisco

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