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If your home or business is near a concrete sidewalk, road, or trail, you will likely be held to very specific standards and need to know when to get California Concrete Repair services done. You will also need to answer to The Americans with Disabilities Act because they are the ones who ensure companies meet specific protocols to accommodate people with particular conditions. Disabled peoples’ impairments can prevent them from accessing edifices, apps, and even websites. The ADA can set standards for businesses to implement things that can assist them in reaching a more equitable experience. This means that if there is any damage made to your walkway, California Concrete Repair is required to make things adhere to ADA standards and rules.


A good way to know what sorts of accommodations to put in place is to know what services you are providing, where you’re located, and how different impairments can get in the way of receiving said services. For example, an office that must be reached by climbing stairs may need to put a ramp in place so that those with wheelchairs can traverse the same area that able-bodied people can. Theaters having closed captions on their movies is another ADA-compliant technique so that people who are hard of hearing can still enjoy watching a film.


Even with the most prepared business operators, there is still the possibility of your ramps, walkways, or sidewalks becoming damaged or cracked either by age, or sun damage, among other things. If this should occur, the result may be dangerous trip hazards that are not only a peril for able-bodied people, but especially for those who need devices like canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. This is particularly why the standard of a ramp or sidewalk panels to have a slope of no more than 1:12.


Not following these rules or failing to implement any accommodations could result in ADA violations, or at the very least limiting the number of people you can serve no matter what industry you are in. Whether you have a broken sidewalk or would just like a general inspection done, a California Concrete Repair company such as Precision Concrete Cutting can effectively advise and assist you in having a fully functional, ADA-compliant walkway that you can be proud of.


By contracting the California Concrete Repair services of professionals such as Precision Concrete Cutting, you can eliminate liability entirely. Serving the Greater San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, Central Valley, and North Bay regions, they will deliver complete customer satisfaction by getting your sidewalk fixed. Call 866-792-8006 for an estimate today.

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