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Sacramento Sidewalk Leveling Service

Sacramento Sidewalk Leveling Service

If you’re dealing with cracks or even trip hazards and need a Sacramento Sidewalk Leveling Service, your only option isn’t to completely replace it. Getting a walkway fixed is cost-effective, safe, and even environmentally responsible. A trusted Sacramento Sidewalk Leveling Service will cut it to the precise measurements you need and will not only inevitably resolve any trip hazards you once had, but will also make your sidewalk ADA compliant. Having ADA compliance is important for a number of reasons but most notably it is an accessibility feature.

Precision Concrete Cutting is an industry leader in not just technology but also in price and will provide a patented engineering process that leaves a clean and fast attractive finish to your sidewalk. Unlike concrete grinders and scabblers which might be less expensive than replacement, they’re more costly than our cutting method. Grinders are also unable to reach the edges of the sidewalk effectively enough to remove the trip hazard. The advantages of using our services include our effective cutting method which won’t leave scarring or rough surfaces.

Precision Concrete Cutting can remove a trip hazard from virtually any angle and any location, even in hard-to-reach places such as in gutters or adjacent to a wall. You can rest assured our trained professionals will get the job done without any damage to nearby impediments. It also takes very little time with few inconveniences or disturbances to people using the walkway, the surrounding trees, yard, sprinklers, or landscaping.

In order to get the job done to our client’s standards, a trip hazard specialist will take very precise measurements to know exactly where to start and end the cut. This ensures that not only the trip hazard can be effectively removed but the slope of the walkway is at an ADA-compliant ratio of 1:12. During the cutting process, your Sacramento Sidewalk Leveling Service will also make sure that the cut surface has an OSHA-compliant slip resistance greater or equal to the brushed finish on the adjacent panels, which is incredibly important if you’re an employer who is responsible for their employee’s safety. All debris is then collected and recycled to maintain a green solution to the trip hazard removal and repair.

There is no better Sacramento Sidewalk Leveling Service than Precision Concrete Cutting. Serving the Greater San Francisco,  San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, Central Valley, and North Bay regions, they will deliver a precise and professional service that will get your sidewalk fixed.

Precision Concrete Cutting offers a far better, and less expensive way than a replacement to fix your sidewalk and walkways bringing them into ADA compliance. Call today to learn how we can cut, shave and smooth out any uneven portions so that they fall into Sidewalk Compliance from the ADA. Call 866-792-8006 for any inquiries.

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