Precision Concrete Cutting Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair is the forerunner with our patented technique that allows you to pay the fraction of a price for any of your sidewalk repairs. Our patented method allows your budget to stretch, letting you save money for other areas of general maintenance and upkeep. We will make sure that all of your sidewalks and pathways are fully compliant with ADA regulations. Let us help you eliminate any trip, slip, and fall liabilities. Our sidewalk repair service can typically save you seventy to ninety percent when compared to sidewalk replacement.

Benefits Of Our Sidewalk Repair Service:

Cost Effective
Clean and Fast
Attractive Finish
Easy to Audit
Environmentally Responsible
ADA Compliant
Patented Engineering
GIS Compatible Survey Data


sidewalk repair

What To Do When You Have A Trip Hazard…

This a typical case of a sidewalk panel prior to it being cut using Precision Concrete Cutting – Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repairs patented technology. Trip Hazard Size: 1.5 Inches, Panel Width: 5 Feet

Stage 1

Our specially trained sidewalk trip hazard experts will take exact measurements to ensure to know exactly where to start and end the cut. This helps keep your sidewalk within the ADA threshold and keeps a compliant slope of 1:12 on sidewalk panels and handicap accessible areas.

Stage 2

During the cutting process your Trip Hazard Specialist will also ensure that a zero differential between sidewalk panels. You can see that the cut surface has an OSHA Compliant Slip resistance greater or equal to the brushed finish on the adjacent panels.

Stage 3

Our patented service is clean from start to finish with minimal disruption to the working area. All material and debris are collected and recycled so that we can maintain a “green” solution to trip hazard removal and repair. As you can see, your Trip Hazard Specialist will continue to remove the hazard while maintaining an ADA Compliant slope and zero differential between sidewalk panels.

sidewalk repair

Complete and ADA Compliant

All Precision Concrete Cutting – Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repairs are ADA Compliant, OSHA compliant for slip resistance and the trip hazard is removed. There was minimal disturbance to the surrounding trees, yard, sprinklers, and landscaping.

We do it right so you don’t have to do it over.

sidewalk repair
sidewalk repair

Concrete grinders and scabblers, while commercially available and less expensive than replacement or filling, are more costly than the Precision Concrete Cutting Northern California cutting method. Grinders are also unable to reach the edges of the sidewalk or grind the sidewalk level with the next concrete panel, so the trip hazard often remains.


Not only can Precision Concrete Cutting Northern California reach the edges of every sidewalk, we can remove trip hazards from virtually any angle and at any location. Trip hazards caused by cracked concrete or located in hard-to-reach places such as in gutters or adjacent to a wall will be eliminated without any damage to nearby impediments.


Our method takes very little time, with few inconveniences to people using the walkway. The result is a safe, clean-cut walking path provided at a lower cost than any other method.


Using patented technology, Precision Concrete Cutting Northern California removes tripping hazards from sidewalks rendering them not only ADA compliant but also virtually hazard free. FSS delivers the highest quality in the industry–across all facets of our business.

  • Our finish is the finest
  • Our paperwork is the clearest
  • Our sidewalks are the safest
  • Our technique is the fastest
Trip Hazard Removal Business

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 defines a ‘trip hazard’ as any vertical change of over 1/4 inch or more at any joint or crack. Since the ADA demands strict compliance, trip hazards represent a legal liability to our clients. Cities, school districts, hospitals, churches, shopping malls, universities, apartment complexes, and other large buildings are all extremely concerned with this liability.

Our patented horizontal saw-cutting technology completely and cleanly removes trip hazards from sidewalks, virtually eliminating claims that result from trips and falls on uneven sidewalk. By having Precision Concrete Cutting Northern California remove their trip hazards, our clients reduce their legal liability using the most efficient and cost effective method available.

Our service, unlike other approaches, accurately measures each offset to ensure that we achieve the slope required by ADA specifications. The only alternative available to achieve ADA compliance (if done correctly) is removal and replacement, which is costly, disruptive, and time consuming.

  • Each offset will be tapered according to the specifications requested by the client and will have a uniform non-slip surface.
  • The raised sidewalk will be cut from edge to edge and brought to a zero point of differential settlement, completely eliminating the trip hazard.