Safety & Compliance
We are 100% licensed and insured in the State of California

Eliminate Liability
Our technique is proven to be the most efficient, effective, clean and affordable method for eliminating trip hazards in fast manner.

Safe Sidewalks
Our main goal is to repair trip hazards, uneven sidewalks, concrete paths, footpaths, and any other type of damaged walkways.

The Advantage Of Cutting It
Grinders cannot reach the edges or grind the sidewalk level with the next concrete panel, leaving the trip hazard in place.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Our use of patented technology makes us the fastest, cleanest, finest, clearest, safest in the industry.

Sidewalk Repair


Who We Are

Precision Concrete Cutting – Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair is an affiliate of Precision Concrete Cutting, of Provo, Utah. Precision Concrete Cutting of Northern California was founded in 2003 and is the local affiliate and has office in Burlingame and Sacramento California. The founders were born and raised in Northern California as was much of our team which gives us sense of responsibility and ownership to the work with do.

We use the latest in technology to provide assessment and repair projects to our clients from Bakersfield up to the Oregon border. We use cutting edge technique that utilizes patented technology to completely remove trip hazards from uneven sidewalks, concrete walkways and handicap access ramps. We are known as the pioneer’s and leader in the sidewalk repair and trip hazard community. We represent the multiple regions in the California area and our and far more effective and less expensive than conventional scarifier, concrete grinders, or removal and replacement.

We do it right so you don’t have to do it over.

Satisfied Customers

Giving our clients the superior quality they deserve