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Sidewalk Repair Contractor

Sidewalk Repair Contractor

Your budget can stretch using a Sidewalk Repair Contractor and their patented technique to pay for any of your sidewalk repairs. With the Precision Concrete Cutting treatment using their advanced technique, you can save money on other maintenance and upkeep projects. A professional Sidewalk Repair Contractor will make sure that all of your sidewalks and pathways are compliant with ADA regulations. They can eliminate any trip, slip, and fall hazards, which can also eliminate liability. This sidewalk repair service can typically save you between 70 and 90% when compared to sidewalk replacement.

In fact, the benefits of using the cutting method of sidewalk repair are being cost-effective, clean and fast, leaves an attractive finish, easy to audit, it’s environmentally responsible, being ADA-compliant, Patented Engineering, and GIS Compatible Survey Data.

How it works is by starting with a trip hazard. Using our precise measurements, we ensure that we know where to start and where to end the cut on private and public sidewalks. This ensures that a compliant slope of 1:12 on sidewalk panels and handicap-accessible areas is maintained.

The Trip Hazard Specialist will also ensure that a zero differential is maintained between sidewalk panels while they are being cut. This ensures that the cut surface has an OSHA Compliant Slip resistance greater or equal to the brushed finish on the adjacent panels.

After the hazard has been removed, our patented service lets you keep working in a safe environment. All waste and garbage are collected and recycled so that we can maintain a green solution to trip hazard removal and repair. As you can see, your Trip Hazard Specialist will continue to remove the hazard while preserving an ADA-compliant slope and zero differential between sidewalk panels.

Precision Concrete Cutting is a Sidewalk Repair Contractor that does it right so you don’t have to do it over. Despite the fact that concrete grinders and scabblers are more expensive than a complete replacement, the cutting method is more accurate and less dangerous than commercial concrete grinders. The trip hazard on walkways is often not eliminated with grinders, leaving you with the same problem you started with. Our method saves time and minimizes inconvenience to walkers using the walkway. The result is a safe, clean-looking walking path that is cheaper than any other method.

Any area that Precision Concrete Cutting can reach can be cut with absolute precision. Trip hazards, regardless of their location or how difficult they are to remove can be eliminated without damaging nearby impediments. Call Precision Concrete Cutting at 866-792-8006 if you want a Sidewalk Repair Contractor that performs the best job possible.

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