Sidewalk Repair in Oakland CA
Oakland Sidewalk Repair, Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk Repair in Oakland CA

Sidewalk Repair in Oakland CA by Precision Concrete Cutting a licensed and insured contractor. We help implement a plan to make all sidewalks and roads in the city accessible for people with disabilities and anyone who uses the sidewalks whether private property, city, or government-owned. Sidewalk Repair is a service that is requested by many homes, business owners, state, city, and government entities. Sometimes local governments can issue fines or enforce liens on properties that have sidewalk repair caused trees, wear, and tear and age. If you’re a residential property owner whose house has suffered serious sidewalk deterioration and needs Sidewalk Repair in Oakland CA, contact Precision Concrete Cutting.

To begin the process, the city shall inspect your sidewalk to assess whether it meets the legal requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) If the inspector determines that your sidewalk does indeed need new repairs, he or she will notify you and give you a reasonable time frame within which you must file a notice of deficiency with the court. You must then provide notice to the person or persons in charge of the street and sidewalk of the proposed violations. If your case is denied, you may still be able to negotiate a reasonable alternative to the violations. In many cases, all necessary repairs will be made free of charge by the City. Your request for relief from liability may be denied but if your physical impairment does not affect the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic on your sidewalk, you should be able to proceed with a reasonable alternative.

After the sidewalk or other major public thoroughfare has been inspected, the repairs will typically be made in one of two ways: new construction or rehabilitation, or repairing existing structures to bring them up to code. Within 90 days after the inspection has ended, you must file a notice of violation with the court. In some cases, the violation is more serious than just a lack of compliance with ADA regulations, such as a failure to make adequate signalization. In these situations, the violations could lead to immediate closure of the public thoroughfare, a misdemeanor citation, or even charges of criminal obstruction of justice.

If neither of these options is an option because your sidewalk is an older structure, your only other option is to repair it. As the sidewalks age, they deteriorate from the tree roots penetrating the concrete and becoming trapped. The tree roots eventually break through the cracks in the concrete and cause the deterioration of the surface beneath them.

Tree roots are not the only threats to public sidewalks; septic systems and storm drain can also cause significant damage. If septic tanks or storm drains are not functioning correctly, clogs can develop causing water to back up into surrounding buildings. This creates water hazards for people walking along the sidewalk. In the event that water is forced into a building through a storm drain or septic system, there is a risk of serious structural damage to buildings located in the affected area. Sidewalk repairs, if not completed on time and without violation, can lead to fines and serious financial repercussions for the property owners.

It is important to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for any job that involves walking, driving, or standing on a sidewalk. When hiring a contractor to complete any of the repairs mentioned above, be sure to choose one with extensive experience in sidewalk repair. Precision Concrete Cutting specializes in both residential and commercial sidewalk work. Precision Concrete Cutting is the industry leader in technology and price. Our patented process stretches your budget, makes sidewalks ADA compliant, and eliminates trip and fall liability. Our sidewalk repair services typically save our clients 70-90% compared to sidewalk replacement. If you have any questions about Sidewalk Repair in Oakland CA call today. 866-792-8006

Sidewalk Repair in Oakland CA

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