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Walkway Repair with PCC

Walkway Repair with PCC

If you’re getting into designing, remodeling, or rethinking a walkway repair, there are a few things you need to know about sidewalk zones and recommended actions you need to take before beginning. Sidewalks need to be safe, accessible, and well-maintained as they are a crucial and important part of a city and community. They’ve been known to enhance general public health and maximize social capital.

In the initial design process, a sidewalk is actually recommended to be a minimum cross-section of 5 feet, large enough for two people walking side by side. This meets the minimum ADA accessibility requirements as well, but some cities have also designed much wider spaces for their walkway repair. If the area is anticipated to have a high volume of pedestrians, then you will need to provide the necessary space for them. You also have to take into consideration the addition of trash receptacles, bus stops, signage, and even bike share stations.

In order to understand if your walkway repair meets all of your standards, you have to be mindful of the sidewalk’s zones. For example, you have the Frontage zone which is the section that functions essentially as an extension of the building the sidewalk faces, the Pedestrian Through zone which is the primary, accessible pathway that runs parallel to the street, the Street Furniture Curb zone which is between the curb and the through zone where you can place amenities such as lighting, benches, utility poles, etc, and finally there’s the Enhancement zone which is the section right next to the sidewalk that consists of the curb extensions, parklets, stormwater, parking, and bike lanes.

Understanding these zones are essential to any walkway repair you need to complete, since every one of these has a role and a function depending on how busy your sidewalk is day to day. You must abide by ADA standards as well as your own personal standards as to how you want to use this space effectively for commerce. In fact, some studies show that good pedestrian walkability has a positive impact on land values.

We have almost 20 years of experience serving the San Francisco and Sacramento area in saving cities, communities, homeowners’ associations, schools, and universities hundreds of thousands of dollars from liability as a result of trip hazards. Our number one priority is for your neighborhood or business to remove trip hazard liabilities quickly while keeping the area safe, clean, and accessible to all. Our precision cutting specialists are eager to discuss how they can help your repairs, so please call us at 866-792-8006.

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