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Fix Concrete Sidewalk Surface

A quick search for how to Fix Concrete Sidewalk Surface, can come back with many answers but none will get the job down as well as Precision Concrete Cutting will. Fixing a concrete sidewalk surface is not a task for everyone and you can save a lot of time and effort by allowing a professional to fix your surface.

Don’t delay repairs to your concrete sidewalk surface hazard before it’s too late. Trip hazards on uneven concrete sidewalk panels can develop into much more expensive problems should someone sustain an injury on your property.

In the state of California, there are many different areas where the property owner or manager is held liable for damages. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)  takes trip hazards very seriously and it views even small imperfections in concrete that have an incline in excess of ¼” as a public hazard.

There are a few different options for performing trip hazard removals, so it’s important to know which is the best to fixing a concrete sidewalk surface errors. Fortunately, our sidewalk repair specialists utilize the best method for removing trip hazards completely – concrete cutting.

Fix Sidewalk Surface Hazards With Concrete Cutting

The various methods that are used to fix concrete sidewalk surface hazards present different pros and cons. There is concrete grinding, replacing concrete, leveling concrete with lifting techniques, and, of course, concrete cutting.

Only two of these ways actually address the unlevel concrete slabs completely, ensuring the trip hazard is completely eliminated. The first of which, replacing concrete, is a costly expenditure that requires purchasing materials and disrupting the walkway while masterfully pouring fresh concrete in place of the damaged panels.

The second method, cutting concrete, is a non-disruptive and environmentally friendly method to fix concrete sidewalk surface hazards in a fast and affordable manner. Rather than the hassle of ripping up problematic panels or grinding trip hazards until they are close to even, precision concrete cutting technology actually can alter each offset perfectly from almost any angle.

Cutting concrete ensures that there is no small aspect left with a trip hazard, leaving a fully level surface free from any and all trip hazards. Furthermore, the trip hazards are turned into slip-resistant surfaces with a zero point of differential settlement and easily pass all ADA compliance regulations.

About Precision Concrete Cutting

Precision Concrete Cutting provides sidewalk repairs in Greater Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, Central Valley, and North Bay to remove trip hazards completely, consider Precision Concrete Cutting your go-to local choice.  California residential, business, and commercial properties have come to rely on Precision Concrete Cutting for the highest quality trip hazard available. We fix concrete sidewalk surface hazards by cutting concrete in a timely, affordable manner.

Our clients range from private homeowners and small business managers to municipalities and commercial or residential properties. Contact our sidewalk contractors to discuss removing a trip hazard and get a free quote to fix concrete sidewalk surface hazards today!

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