Remove Trip Hazards Oakland
Oakland Cement Sidewalk Repair, Remove Trip Hazards Oakland

Remove Trip Hazards Oakland

It is important to fix sidewalk hazards. Most people will agree that sidewalks can become an eyesore when they crack and start to crumble around their business, community, or commercial property. If you are looking for the most reliable and efficient company to Remove Trip Hazards in Oakland look no further than Precision Concrete!

Cracked sidewalks can be more than an eyesore. Anyone who walks on cracked sidewalks is at risk. You should be aware of the importance of sidewalk trip hazard repair if your sidewalks have cracks or raised.

Here are some additional details about sidewalk trip hazards and how to fix them.


Lawsuit Liability

Liability for lawsuits is another concern that both residential and commercial areas have to worry about. There is a real chance that someone could sustain serious injuries if they trip on a sidewalk safety hazard.


If someone has been seriously injured, they may decide to sue the property manager or business. Although it might seem strange that someone would file a lawsuit against a business or property manager for a sidewalk crack, many people choose to sue over less.


There is also the possibility of someone getting hurt. You don’t want to be sued by someone who has been injured on your property.


Sidewalk trip hazards: Dangers



Anyone who steps on a damaged or cracked sidewalk can sustain an injury. It is very easy for a person to slip on concrete or have their toes caught in cracks.


It’s possible to see someone getting injured or twist their ankle when there are enough sidewalk trip hazards. Many times, sidewalk cracks can cause parts to break off and crumble, posing a risk for anyone who is walking on it to get hurt.


If the sidewalk is near a commercial building, it can pose a serious risk to individuals with disabilities or in wheelchairs. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 defined sidewalk trip hazards to be any inclines greater than one-quarter inches.


Remove Trip Hazards

There are many cost-effective and quick ways to fix sidewalk hazards in your neighborhood. Sidewalk trip hazard repairs can be done using cutting-edge concrete cutting technology that is patented. This will ensure that your sidewalks are free of ADA sidewalk trip hazards.


Precision Concrete Cutting is the best local option if you are looking for sidewalk contractors in Greater Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay. If you’d like to receive a quote or learn more, please contact us. Call 866-792-88006 to schedule an appointment, or speak directly with a staff member.

Remove Trip Hazards Oakland

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