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Cement Sidewalks San Francisco, Trip Hazard Repair Near Me

Cement Sidewalks San Francisco

Uneven sidewalk panels and cracks in concrete sidewalks are more than eyesores. They’re dangerous. They can also pose a risk to your safety. It is possible to have a cement sidewalk company remove trip hazards. This is both practical and affordable. Call Precision Concrete Cutting, the Trip Hazard Specialist, if you have any questions regarding San Francisco Cement Sidewalk Repair. If you are looking for the best company for any services related to Cement Sidewalks in San Francisco look no further than Precision Concrete. 866-792-8006

Precision Concrete Cutting offers a wide range of solutions to clients. Concrete cutting technology allows sidewalk contractors to quickly repair sidewalk problems without having to pour new concrete. Learn more about how to remove trip hazards from cement sidewalk repair. Contact our team today if you are ready to start or would like a free quote!

San Francisco Cement Sidewalk Repair To Eliminate Trip Hazards

It doesn’t matter if you have a private or public path, it is worth looking into ways to remove trip hazards. There are many ways to remove trip hazards.

The first is to grind concrete until uneven areas have less of an incline. Concrete grinders can be difficult, if not impossible to remove all trip hazards.

There is always the option of re-concreting the entire area. This can be a time-consuming task that causes significant disruption to the area. Even professional sidewalk contractors can find it difficult to pour new concrete. Concrete cutting is the third option for repairing cement sidewalks. Concrete cutting is a better option than the others because it eliminates all liability and is less disruptive. Our team can even complete projects the same day they start.

Precision Concrete Cutting gives homeowners, businesses, HOA boards and municipalities the opportunity to maintain a sidewalk and eliminate liability. Concrete cutting technology is used by our workers to precisely cut the panels until they reach the desired level. The sidewalks are certified to ADA compliance and can be used for any other purpose. ADA-compliant walkways can’t have inclines higher than 1/4″.

Our method is more eco-friendly than replacing concrete with injectables or grinding and also more cost-effective than grinding. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our cement sidewalk repair service. Get a quote from our team for the cost to remove a trip hazard from your property. You can save yourself from being sued for injury by restoring the walkway. Call Precision Concrete Cutting, the Trip Hazard Specialist, if you have questions about San Francisco Cement Sidewalk Repair.

Cement Sidewalks San Francisco

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