Sidewalk Assessment and Repair in Oakland

Professional Concrete Leveling

Professional Concrete Leveling

Professional Concrete Leveling is sometimes necessary in order for a property owner or even an employer’s walkways to be up to the correct standards. You have to consider including not only the necessary ADA compliance standards but OSHA standards as well. People who use walking aids have the right to traverse a sidewalk without feeling endangered, and even workers have a right to work near or in a safe and healthy environment. Being aware of these standards means you could eliminate some serious liability.

Certain Professional Concrete Leveling methods will repair a sidewalk by creating a rough surface rather than a smooth one because specific surface materials, textures, or finishes are used to prevent or minimize slipperiness. These repairs might require regular maintenance in order to remain up to these standards, so keep in mind that a walkway needs the appropriate slope in order to continue being accessible, and not all sidewalk repairing techniques are the same.

When it comes to meeting OSHA standards specifically, a walkway have to be free of sharp, protruding, corroded, or leaking objects that can affect workers in any way. Walkways need to also be able to support the appropriate weight of whatever workers are handling, it needs to be easy to access and be regularly maintained.

For a walkway to be considered accessible according to the ADA, the surface must be slip-resistant to minimize hazards to people with disabilities, especially those who use walking aids like canes and crutches. If one were to make repairs to your sidewalk, you should have to address surface characteristics, carpeting, openings, and changes in level when consulting with your sidewalk repair specialist.

Precision Concrete Cutting can remove a trip hazard from virtually any angle and any location, even in hard-to-reach places such as gutters or adjacent to a wall. You can rest assured our top-of-the-line Professional Concrete Leveling will get the job done without any damage to nearby impediments. It also takes very little time with few inconveniences or disturbances to people using the walkway, the surrounding trees, yard, sprinklers, or landscaping.

Precision Concrete Cutting offers a far better, and less expensive way than a replacement to fix your sidewalk and walkways bringing them into ADA compliance. Call today to learn how we can cut, shave and smooth out any uneven portions so that they fall into Sidewalk Compliance from the ADA.

There is no better Professional Concrete Leveling company than Precision Concrete Cutting to get your walkway cracks fixed. Serving regions in California such as Greater Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, Central Valley, and North Bay, they will deliver a precise and professional service that will get your sidewalk fixed. Call 866-792-8006 for any inquiries.

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