Concrete Sidewalk Crack Repair

Cracked Concrete Sidewalk? Call PCC!

Cracked Concrete Sidewalk? Call PCC!

If you have a cracked concrete sidewalk or walkway we can repair it for you. Call Precision Concrete Cutting Today!

PCC offers an option far more cost-effective than replacing your concrete walkway or even sections of it. We can repair it to get you back into compliance with the ADA. Our professionals will be able to inspect the property and come up with a quote to get you back into compliance.

You need to ensure that your walkways and any other cracked concrete areas are resolved for the safety and well-being of others, as well as your own liability with the ADA. The ADA or Americans with Disability Act was established in the 1990s to protect the rights of the disabled. Many of these rules revolve around how publicly accessible structures are built in order to provide those who face unique locomotion challenges with safe, and convenient methods of traversal. These rules indicate parameters such as but not limited to: the slope requirement for ramps, height differentials, walkway width, and more. If you have a cracked sidewalk, it may not be out of compliance yet but it’s only a matter of time.

Precision Concrete Cutting has a patented cutting method that is sure to get the job done right, safely, and clean as well. This makes it the most efficient and cost-effective method to fix a cracking sidewalk that will also result in an ADA-compliant walkway. We cut, level, and smooth out the sidewalk panels so you don’t have to replace them Our process will not only fix your cracked sidewalk or walkway but bring it back into compliance. This way you can rest easy knowing nobody will be harmed by cause of negligence on the part of ensuring the sidewalk was ADA compliant. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about expensive and costly fines from ADA inspections, or worse someone coming to harm due to lack of compliance.

We have years of experience fixing sidewalks and walkways. We’ are happy to continue saving cities, communities, homeowners’ associations, schools, and universities hundreds of thousands of dollars in trip and fall lawsuits from a cracking sidewalk. Our number one priority is for your neighborhood or business to remove trip hazard liabilities quickly while keeping the area safe, clean, and accessible to all.

If you have any questions about Sidewalk Repairs, call Precision Concrete Cutting today. 866-792-8006

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