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sidewalk repairs and leveling

sidewalk repairs and leveling

There are a few tips you could try when it comes to slab raising or lifting a concrete driveway, so before you call sidewalk repairs and leveling service, see if you have the right equipment to do so. You can try a method with foam by essentially getting a masonry bit to drill a hole through the concrete and spraying the foam so that it expands, hardens, and fills the void in the ground. Some of the best sidewalk repairs and leveling companies will use this method.


If you are dealing with trip hazards, there are actually a few options you might have. You can use a chisel and make the crack wider at the bottom than at the top. You can do this by putting the chisel in the crack, angle it outward, then tap it with a sledgehammer. Once that’s done, you can clean the debris with a stiff brush. You can then fill the crack with a patching mix which is made from vinyl, cement, and sand. Make the area around the crack damp, spread the mix with a trowel, then smooth the surface. You should wet the surface and apply a bonding agent which should stay on for up to 15 minutes. Lastly, you will want to use a putty knife to smooth the surface and pack some anchoring cement into the hole.


The average person will probably spend a lot of money on the supplies alone, and someone who is not an expert in the field won’t do a better job than a sidewalk repairs and leveling company would.


When it comes to leveling methods, there are options that are commercially available and less expensive such as concrete grinders and scabblers, but they end up being more costly and less clean than the cutting method. Grinders are also unable to reach the edges of the sidewalk or grind the sidewalk level with the next concrete panel, so the trip hazard often remains. Not only can Precision Concrete Cutting reach the edges of every sidewalk, we can remove trip hazards from virtually any angle and at any location. This means efficient walkway repairs that eliminate any trip hazards without any damage to nearby impediments.


Precision Concrete Cutting has almost 20 years of experience serving the San Francisco and Sacramento area. Our precision cutting specialists are eager to deliver the best sidewalk repairs and leveling service, and our top priority is saving cities hundreds of thousands of dollars from liability, so please call us at 866-792-8006.

Precision Concrete Cutting offers a far better, and less expensive way than a replacement to fix your sidewalk and walkways bringing them into ADA compliance. Call today to learn how we can cut, shave and smooth out any uneven portion so that they fall into Sidewalk Compliance from the ADA.

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