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Sidewalk Repair Near Me

Sidewalk Repair Near Me

Trip hazards make traveling along sidewalks unsafe and difficult. Finding a company for sidewalk trip hazard repair is becoming more and more necessary for places like shopping centers and similar public places where there is a lot of foot traffic. If you’re looking for sidewalk repair near me and are within the Bay Area and Greater Sacramento region, be sure to contact the trip hazard specialists at Precision Concrete Cutting.

Precision Concrete Cutting is a sidewalk repair company that performs sidewalk trip hazard repair services for clients in commercial and business settings concerned about the liability of trip hazards and, ultimately, the safety of their customers. Learn more about the importance of removing trip hazards below or contact us to schedule an appointment with a sidewalk repair company near you soon.

Why Do I Need to Get Rid of Trip Hazards?

People walking along sidewalks should be able to do so safely and without fear of injury. This is especially true for individuals prone to injuries, such as those living with disabilities, the elderly, children, and people in mobile chairs. For this very reason, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was developed for equality and safety purposes.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or the ADA, defines a trip hazard on public areas like sidewalks as any incline of 1/4″ inches or greater. When sidewalk panels start to become uneven or cracks begin to form, businesses in places like shopping centers should begin considering sidewalk repair near me to fix any trip hazards present. Failure to do so could result in a legal situation after an injury happens, which is costly.

How Is Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Done?

There are several different methods available for performing sidewalk trip hazard repair services. At Precision Concrete Cutting, we use concrete cutting. Cutting concrete is efficient, fast, and doesn’t leave scarring like other methods, such as grinding. It’s also much more convenient and cost-effective than full sidewalk replacement.

Most sidewalk trip hazard repair jobs using our method are done in the same day, taking possibly less than an hour even. This gives businesses looking for sidewalk repair the comfort of knowing they won’t have to disrupt their customers or business while the trip hazard is removed. It also guarantees complete ADA compliance on sidewalks, effectively removing the liability they present.

Schedule Sidewalk Repair Near You

If you’re in need of sidewalk repair to remove sidewalk trip hazards and don’t want the hassle (and expense) that comes with sidewalk replacement, give us a call. Precision Concrete Cutting has successfully restored sidewalks to ADA compliance thousands of times across the Bay Area and Greater Sacramento region.

Our friendly technicians work quickly while respecting your business and property as if it were our own. Contact us to get a free quote or to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Remember; keep the sidewalk, remove the liability!

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