Sidewalk Assessment Company in Oakland
ADA Compliant Sidewalks, Sidewalk Assessment Company in Oakland

Sidewalk Assessment Company in Oakland

Navigating the city streets should be a comfortable and safe experience for everyone. This means that in addition to smooth roads, we also need even sidewalks. A key player in ensuring this is Precision Concrete Cutting, a trusted sidewalk assessment company in Oakland. This article will delve into the company’s unique approach to sidewalk asset management, reflecting its commitment to creating safer, more accessible sidewalks in Northern California.

Precision Concrete Cutting: The Leading Sidewalk Assessment Company in Oakland

Established in 2003, Precision Concrete Cutting is based in Northern California with offices in Burlingame, Sacramento, and of course, Oakland. We have set a new standard in sidewalk assessment, offering our dedicated services to numerous clients across Northern California – from Bakersfield to the Oregon border.

Our team is deeply connected to the communities we serve. The founders, along with most of the team, were born and raised in Northern California. This close connection to our region instills a strong sense of responsibility in us. We strive to ensure that our communities can benefit from safe and accessible sidewalks.

Innovative Approach to Sidewalk Assessment and Repair

Our mission is clear and ambitious: we aim to pioneer safe and accessible sidewalks in Northern California. Using patented technology and groundbreaking techniques, we have taken sidewalk assessment and repair to the next level, going beyond traditional methods.

Historically, sidewalk repair methods like concrete grinders, scarifiers, or full removal and replacements have been used. However, these methods often fail to meet the mark, and are more costly. Our techniques, on the other hand, fully eradicate trip hazards from uneven sidewalks, concrete walkways, and handicap access ramps, making our solution more efficient and cost-effective.

Cost Savings and Increased Safety: The Dual Advantages of Our Services

At Precision Concrete Cutting, we understand that quality sidewalk assessment should not be cost-prohibitive. Our patented method allows you to significantly save on sidewalk repair costs, enabling you to allocate funds to other maintenance and upkeep tasks.

Additionally, our work contributes to the safety and accessibility of our cities. We’ve saved cities, homeowner’s associations, communities, schools, and universities hundreds of thousands of dollars in trip and fall lawsuits. Typically, our sidewalk repair service can save you between seventy to ninety percent compared to sidewalk replacement.

Guaranteed Compliance and Risk Reduction

Our commitment to safety extends beyond our repair work. We also ensure that all sidewalks and pathways we work on are fully compliant with ADA regulations. Consequently, we help you mitigate any potential trip, slip, and fall liabilities.

The Choice for a Safer Oakland

In conclusion, sidewalk assessment plays a crucial role in making our cities safer and more accessible. By choosing Precision Concrete Cutting, you’re partnering with a sidewalk assessment company in Oakland that’s community-oriented and committed to improving our sidewalks.

Are you ready to address sidewalk liabilities in your neighborhood or business? Contact us today, and let’s start working towards safer sidewalks. At Precision Concrete Cutting, we believe in a future where every walk in Oakland is a safe one.

Sidewalk Assessment Company in Oakland

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